DeSantis Sends Team Biden Into Panic Mode With New Law

The White House slammed a new election law enacted by Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“Florida is going in the wrong direction,” Karine Jean-Pierre, the deputy press secretary, said to reporters on Air Force One.

DeSantis gave his final signature to pass the bill on Thursday. The new law places limits on ballot drop boxes and mail voting while also increasing voter ID requirements.

“Me enacting this bill says, ‘People of Florida, your vote matters. Your vote will be handled with respect and transparency, and that this is a wonderful state for democracy,’” DeSantis said at the bill’s signing ceremony.

Jean-Pierre said the presidential election was “among the most secure in out history,” despite GOP concerns about changes to voting rules, said to be due to the covid pandemic.

“There is no real reason to make it more difficult to vote,” she said. “It is built on a lie.”

Jean-Pierre also slammed GOP members across the nation for passing new measures to protect the election, saying they were attempting to stop Democrats from voting in elections.

“The only reason to alter things now is if you don’t like the people who voted,” she said.

Author: Blake Ambrose