GOP Senator Demands Investigation Into Biden’s Globalist Treason

Allegations that John Kerry revealed secret information about Israeli operations to Iran’s foreign minister should be investigated, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, Iowa, said in a new letter to the State Department.

State Department Acting Inspector General Diana Shaw and Secretary of State Antony Blinken received the Grassley letter, which was concerning Kerry, the current climate czar and the former secretary of state under President Obama.

Iranian official Javad Zarif said that Kerry told him about Israeli operations in the region. Kerry denied these accusations.

Grassley and several other Republicans wrote a letter to President Biden last week requesting that he investigate Kerry. That letter was not answered.

Now, as the top member of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, Senator Grassley is requesting the records about meetings between Kerry and Zarif be sent to his committee by May 18.

“Biden could act and so can you,” Grassley said in the message to Blinken and Shaw.

After requests were made of the State Department Inspector General for comment, a spokesperson responded, “We have no information to give at this time.”

The State Department echoed their response.

“This department does not comment about congressional correspondence,” a spokesperson stated.

Zarif said in a leaked audiotape that Kerry told him about over 200 Israeli operations against Iranian targets.

Kerry also had meetings with Zarif as a citizen, which has raised concerns in Washington.

This news caused some lawmakers to demand Kerry’s resignation as climate czar.

“It has become clear,” Republican Senator Dan Sullivan, Alaska, said, “that our adversaries, whether Iran or Beijing, like it when Mr. Kerry is leading our foreign policy. Why? Because they understand how to use him to their advantage.”

Author: Scott Dowdy