Trump Gains Another 2024 Competitor — He Didn’t Expect This One

Former VP Mike Pence will speak at a large Republican dinner in New Hampshire, a move that is causing speculation of a possible 2024 presidential run.

Pence will lead the Hillsborough County GOP’s awards dinner in New Hampshire, the state with the first presidential primary in the country. The move comes after former VP Pence gave his first speech since leaving office in the state of South Carolina, which is the first southern state to have presidential primaries and the third state overall.

“We’ve must guard our values … by giving a positive agenda to the people, grounded on our highest principals,” Pence said during his South Carolina address. “Over the next months, I will have more to say about this.”

Pence also pledged to spend more effort “pushing back against the liberal agenda” of President Biden, saying that his plans are bad for the nation.

The former VP also spoke at Karl Rove’s Republican donor gathering, an event that had 2024 hopefuls like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Mike Pompeo, Senators Marco Rubio, Tim Scott and Tom Cotton.

But speculation over the ticket in 2024 largely depends on the choice of former President Trump, who has kept teasing another run for the White House.

Most recently, President Trump said to conservative reporter Candace Owens that “it is very early. But I believe people will be very happy when I make a particular announcement.”

“You know, for finance reasons, we can’t do it too soon because it turns into a problem… Otherwise, I would give you an answer you would be very happy with,” Trump said. “All I would say is keep watching.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire