Trump Hand Picks Liz Cheney’s Replacement – Guess Who?

Despite everything the left has tried to do, it’s clear Donald Trump isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, the more Joe Biden proves to be a fake, visionless leader, the more Americans will be looking for someone with answers and support. And you know they won’t be looking for that person on CNN!

Social media tried to silence Donald Trump, but he has found ways of reaching the public. He continues to make appearances, do interviews, and release statements that are covered by everyone.

It’s obvious that he continues to be a force in the Republican Party. Candidates eagerly seek his endorsement and support. And those who helped the left try to take down Trump? They are seeing their prospects fade away, as the GOP stands against them.

Republicans that voted against Trump during the second impeachment have faced increasing pressure. Primary rivals are eagerly seeking chances to unseat them. And Donald Trump is making sure his voice is having an impact. He is calling for the removal of some of the worst RINOs in the party. At the same time, he is urging voters to support those leaders who actually care.

“After being loudly booed at the Utah Republican Party Convention, Utah’s Weber County censured RINO Mitt Romney in the strongest of terms. Washington County Republicans also censured Romney in April. He is BAD NEWS for our Country!” Trump declared in the statement…

“Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is a great fighter for the people of Texas. He has stood up for up for Life, Liberty, the Second Amendment, Border Security, our Military and our Vets, and our God-given Freedoms. He has governed by conservative principles of LOW TAXES and careful spending, always doing what is best for his great State and for America. Texans should re-elect him! He is outstanding and has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” Trump said in the statement. [Source: Just the News]

Trump went on to slam Liz Cheney again, saying the GOP should “upgrade” from this “warmonger” daughter of Dick Cheney. The 45th president endorsed her primary rival, Elise Stefanik, saying she has intelligence, touting her endorsements from the National Border Patrol Council and the NRA.

In the aftermath of the 2020 Election and the January 6 riot, several notable Republicans in D.C. turned on Trump. Many of them urged voters to “move on” from the president, thinking that his influence was long hard. It’s hard not to think they were simply trying to save their skins; that they assumed attacking Trump would put them in good stead with the Biden administration.

But Biden has zero interest in working with Republicans. And the GOP did not “move on” from Trump. Quite the contrary. So, those Republicans that turned on Trump fight an increasingly impossible battle to win. They have been exposed as swamp-loving cowards who cannot win the approval of their own party.

Don’t be fooled, though. They are not going away. Special interest groups and lobbyists are very powerful. And they have lots of money. There will always be phony conservatives that will pretend to be our allies, when they really serve the swamp.

Without men like Trump to flush them out, they will run us over.

Author: Sam Anderson