Hundreds Of Military Officers Take a Stand Against Biden

Over 120 retired flag officers have warned Americans in a letter published this week that the nation is under “heavy assault” from socialists, and encouraged people to get more politically involved to work against this.

“Our country is in peril. We are fighting for our survival as a Republic like no other time in our history. The conflict is between Marxists vs. followers of the Constitution,” the officers wrote.

They slammed the election and said that Democrats’ H.R. 1 and its Senate version S. 1 would change election fairness and cause Democrats to stay in power forever. They said:

“Without honest elections that go by the ‘will of the citizens’ our Republic is gone. Election integrity needs to insure there is only one legal vote per citizen. Legal votes are specified by State Legislature’s controls using government IDs and verified signatures.”

They also pushed back against Biden for behaving in a “dictatorial manner” by going around Congress with over 50 executive orders reversing Trump’s policies and slammed lockdowns, direct the ongoing assaults against Americans’ fundamental rights.

“We must hold accountable our politicians who will attempt to counter Marxism and support our Republic, and push for fiscally responsible actions while focusing on every American, with a focus on the middle class, not extremist organizations which seek to divide us into warring groups.”

The full letter can be read here:

Author: Scott Dowdy