Biden’s 2020 Win Isn’t What It Seems — And It Could Cost Him His Presidency

An audit about fraud in the 2020 election has officially started in New Hampshire after an incident showed the changing of GOP votes to Democrats.

This week, a group of auditors led by Verified Voting and Mark Lindeman started the intake of ballots and machines in the state of New Hampshire. The audit is starting off with rough territory, however, as observers took note of the large distance between the auditors and themselves.

Also, Lindeman has criticized another audit in the state of Arizona, which has given rise to concerns about his bias. However, auditors are promising to allow full transparency.

“They are going to do this in steps, with one phase at a time,” explained Heather Mullins from Real America’s Voice. “And once they begin, that will lead them into the right direction for the official count.”

Windham activists are angry over the choice of auditors and they are currently attempting to hire a different team of experts.

Author: Scott Dowdy