Trump’s Latest Announcement Sends Shockwaves Throughout America

Ever since Donald Trump left office, there has been a decided lack of energy in the news. Sleepy Joe Biden has been dragging his feet—and the country down with him. Democrats even seem bored, as they try to push their doomed agenda through. And most Americans, those who voted for the 45th president, are eager for a glimmer of hope in these dark days.

Trump had gone radio silent for about a month after leaving office. Then, he reemerged to speak at CPAC earlier in the year. Speculation that the GOP had “moved on” from Trump were clearly dashed, as it was clear conservatives wanted Trump to continue to lead. Republicans that tried to get rid of Trump once and for all are looking at the end of their careers.

Since then, Trump has been active in release statements on the state of the country. Despite social media’s ongoing ban, he is making his voice heard. And it appears he’s going to make it loud and clear again, with the return of his legendary rallies.

Former President Donald Trump will reportedly hold at least two rallies in June and one on July 3.

“The president is anxious to get back out on the trail and we are getting a lot of offers and invitations from both candidates and political causes in different areas,” an adviser of Trump’s told the Daily Mail.

The rallies will reportedly “take the form of the airport rallies that dominated the closing months of last year’s election campaign.” [Source: Breitbart]

Trump rallies could be just the shot in the arm many Americans need right now. With Joe Biden exposing his utter weakness and stupidity, this is prime time for conservatives to get their message out.

Democrats are tanking the economy with their terrible decisions. And the midterm elections are just next year. Now is the time for Republicans to fight back, letting the country know that things don’t have to be this dreary.

Many have speculated what Trump’s future plans might be. Conservatives are hoping he’d soon announce another bid for the White House. Trump has been silent on those plans, making his goal to help the GOP in 2022. But he has recently hinted at forthcoming news that would make Americans very happy.

It could be a White House bid or it could be the return of his rallies. Trump rallies were unlike anything seen in American politics. People of all walks of life, backgrounds, and races gathered together to dance, sing, and celebrate their shared values. These rallies were full of excitement and fun—something that Democrats would be happy never returned.

The left often smeared Trump’s rallies, comparing them to events hosted by hate groups or racists. But nobody who actually attended one his rallies would agree with that.

If Trump returns with rallies in the Summer, it would shake the Democrats’ already weak resolve. To see excited Americans gathering in large crowds, cheering a man who they want back in the Oval Office? The left just might cave in on itself.

Author: Jason Anderson