DHS Predict Full-Blown Cyber-WWIII

Acting director of the DHS cybersecurity department Brandon Wales has warned Washington that more hacker attacks could be coming soon. In his appearance in front of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Wales brought up the SolarWinds hack of 2020 which he said should have been a warning to the incoming danger.

This after the Colonial Pipeline was hacked earlier this month after a Russian-based ransomware attack seized its computer systems, causing gas prices to soar across the Southeast.

“Cyber attacks against our country’s infrastructure are getting more sophisticated, more frequent and more aggressive.” Wales said. “Malicious actors are using more resources to steal and exploit vulnerabilities…using more complicated methods to get around detection and creating new techniques to target communications and information in supply chains.”

The FBI said the group DarkSide, a group new to ransomware, was behind the hack and demanded a ransom of $5 million. Reports say nearly $350 million was paid out in ransomware attacks in 2020 with hacking attacks up nearly 300 percent.

Author: Scott Dowdy