SCOTUS Rules In Favor Of ‘Gun Grab’ Victim: What This Means For The Future

In this day and age, you can’t tell what might happened to our rights. With a left-wing puppet in the White House, promising to turn America into the next Soviet Union, we should expect leaders to push whatever measures they want in order to keep us “safe.”

We’ve seen that all last year and into this year. Democrat governors, mayors, senators, and judges have tried to bend the Constitution to strip away Americans’ rights, in order to expand their control over society.

That is never truer when it comes to “gun grabbing” laws. In recent years, law enforcement agencies have tried to use excuses like “community caretaking” to invade Americans’ homes (without warrants) and take their firearms.

In one such case, the resident fought back. Lower courts dismissed him, but the Supreme Court just gave him a win.

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled unanimously that police illegally seized a Rhode Island man’s firearms in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights. The SCOTUS decision overturned a 1st Circuit Court ruling that said police officers in the case were well within their right to confiscate the man’s firearms…

“The very core of the Fourth Amendment’s guarantee is the right of a person to retreat into his or her home and “there be free from unreasonable governmental intrusion.” A recognition of the existence of “community caretaking” tasks, like rendering aid to motorists in disabled vehicles, is not an open-ended license to perform them anywhere.” [Source: Daily Wire]

This is a big win, in this day and age. More and more states are trying to pass “red flag” laws, that would give the government the power to take your firearms, without a warrant. Anyone could accuse you of being a “danger” (without proof) and some cops would just kick your doors in.

This Supreme Court ruling means that federal and state government just can’t take your firearms, based on hearsay. It will also make it harder for them to enter your home, based on the claims of someone else.

What’s even more startling is that this was a unanimous ruling. That means both conservative and liberal justices agreed that this man’s rights were violated. That’s a pretty good sign. We might be able to expect the entire Supreme Court will continue to rule on the side of our constitutional rights, rather than the radical whims of the Democratic Party.

A variety of activist groups fought to defend the 4th Amendment in this case, including unlikely allies the ACLU and the American Conservative Union. Although these two groups are often on opposite sides of legal battles, this issue was so important, they joined forces.

That should tell you just how crucial this case had become. Had the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the government, there’s no telling how crooked leaders would abuse it.

Author: Joe Samson