Kamala’s ‘Hit List’ Revealed — You Won’t Believe Who’s on It

VP Kamala Harris is being reported as keeping a list of journalists she believes are “racist,” according to a story about her in The Atlantic.

“The vice president tends to dismiss journalists. Trying to ask her questions is seen as an aggressive act,” writes Edward-Isaac Dovere. “And Harris tracks reporters she believes does not fully appreciate her life.”

She’s essentially hyper-sensitive and not very intelligent.

According to Dovere’s article, Harris monitors the words journalists use about her. “She especially doesn’t like the word cautious, and aides search synonyms too,” he says. “Careful, guarded, and hesitant are not liked neither.”

Even worse, Harris is not very educated about issues. Some aides have reported being “surprised at how much needs to be done”,, to educate Harris on the issues.

Even journalists have gotten tired of the VP’s ,,“retreating behind talking points.” Dovere himself said that Harris “comes off as uninteresting and producers have begun to wonder if spending thousands to send reporters on trips with her is worth it, given how little they get.”

Harris was once viewed as an advocate for law and order and received anger from minority groups for supporting policies they hated. To Biden’s mind, that made her a safe “moderate” running mate. But whatever “moderate” beliefs she had is now replaced by Biden’s extreme agenda.

The fact that keeps an enemies list is not surprising. Many politicians who don’t have thick skin like to keep them. But it’s what they do with their list that counts if they ever gain complete power.

Author: Blake Ambrose