‘Squad’ Member Ambushes Biden At Airport — Then This Happens

President Biden and Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib got into in a fiery eight-minute talk on the airport tarmac in Detroit after President Biden’s arrival there on Tuesday.

Tlaib did not reveal what she and Biden discussed. At one point, Biden patted her shoulder. Later, during a speech, he complimented the Congresswoman.

“I admire your passion, I admire your intellect, and your concern for people.” Biden said about Tlaib at the Ford factory in Dearborn.

“You are a fighter,” he said, though he mistakenly called her Rasheed. “And thank you for being such a fighter.”

Tlaib has been very critical of the Biden Administration’s handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“If you support a cease-fire, then allow other nations to demand it at the UN,” she said in a tweet to Biden and Antony Blinken, his Secretary of State.

“Apartheid-in-chief Netanyahu will not adhere to nice requests,” she said. “He breaks international law and commits war crimes.”

Tlaib, the only Palestinian-American who holds office in Washington, has called on the country to recall funds for Israel, saying the weapons given to Israel are used to “kill children.”

“Enough, President Biden,” Tlaib said on Monday. “You must aggressively speak out against this violence so that Netanyahu stays accountable.”

The recent fighting between Palestinians and the Israelis has resulted in at least 213 Palestinians being killed, including 61 children. Israel has reported 12 people dying, including one child.

Author: Blake Ambrose