Biden’s ‘Presidency’ On Increasingly Shaky Ground Amid Audit

Voting machines in the state of Pennsylvania have rejected GOP ballots in a new primary election. Election officials in Fayette County reported a problem with election machines not reading Republican ballots cast for conservatives.

“I believe it is very suspicious after what happened with the Presidential election,” said local voter Lori Lambie. The problem was revealed when a primary election began in Fayette County this Tuesday.

“I’m a Republican and my ballot got spit back out,” Lambie said. “I tried it four more times and it kept doing it.”

Officials originally said the machines were not taking the barcodes from the ballots. However, it has since been proven that there is no issue with Democrat ballots. This gives weight to the concerns among Republicans in Pennsylvania.

“Just went through the normal process of filling out the ballot…and bringing it to the machine then the ballot was rejected,” said Jeff Valek, another GOP voter.

Election officials are supposedly collecting GOP ballots to count them “at a later time.”

Author: Scott Dowdy