Oregon Citizens Flee Leftist Insanity – Change The Nation Forever

In recent years, you’ve probably heard about the insane things going on in Portland, OR. You might not have known that this otherwise sleepy city is ground zero from some of the most radical Antifa and anarchistic groups in the country. During the Summer of 2020, there were over 100 unbroken nights of rioting in the city. Rioters destroyed a federal courthouse, not to mention private homes and businesses.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the state. Oregon’s leadership has become more and more radical. These leftist Democrats are embracing toxic socialism and have turned a blind eye to violent hate groups like Antifa.

As with many other states, there are plenty of conservative regions weighed down by the corrupt leftism of a densely-populated region. (That’s a common tactic of the left, who capture one city to influence an entire state.) Many Oregon residents are sick and tired of these leftist leaders, but know that, thanks to Democrats’ iron grip over Portland, a simple election won’t evict these con men.

So, they are looking to find an alternative path to freedom: getting the heck out of the state.

Voters in Oregon’s Sherman, Lake, Grant, Baker and Malheur counties have shown support for the idea of seceding from the Beaver State and joining Idaho.

A ballot measure approved in Sherman County asked voters whether the county should be responsible for promoting the border shift to make the county part of Idaho. Other counties’ measures will require officials to meet to discuss the prospect of joining Idaho.

The recent votes followed similar votes in Jefferson and Union counties last year. [Source: Just the News]

As Democrat-run states tumble into ruin, we’ve seen countless Americans ditch them for greener pastures. Residents of California, New York and Illinois are fleeing these states to places like Texas, Nevada, and Florida. But for these Oregon residents, they just want to move the border not their homesteads.

At least three counties have voted to ditch the toxic politics of Portland to join Idaho. Seceding from one state and joining another is no simple task. It requires quite a bit of momentum to get the job done.

But the first step seems to have been taken. These residents have voted to start the discussions to see if they can make this dream a reality.

Don’t be fooled, though. Oregon leaders will fight tooth-and-nail to keep these counties. Why? Well, first of all, they would be humiliated in front of the entire country. After all, these residents hate them so much that they voted to join another state.

And secondly (and perhaps most importantly), Oregon would lose the tax revenues it leeched from these counties.

Do you think all those out-of-work anarchists in Portland are paying their “fair share”? As Democrat-run states push more and more socialist programs to take care of drug addicts, homeless, and freeloaders, they become increasingly dependent on hard-working, conservative counties to bear the burden. But if those counties start leaving… where will all the losers in Portland get the cash to buy their marijuana?

Expect a battle to rage over this decision. But hopefully, freedom and justice will win the day.

Author: Tom Smith