Biden Sings Praises Of Mass Murdering Communist — Again

President Biden tried to get laughter during his commencement speech by quoting a communist dictator. He’s now getting a backlash for using words by Mao Zedong during his speech to Coast Guard cadets.

The Democrat’s comments came this week at a graduation ceremony in Connecticut. He made the statement while citing the founding father of Communist China:

“There’s a Chinese saying that says, ‘women hold up half the world.’ So it is a stupid idea not to ensure they make up at least half of our positions.”

Biden used this Mao quote to emphasize the importance of pushing women to top spots in the military for the sake of “social justice.” Mao is famous for causing the deaths of around 80 million people during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s.

When the cadets did not respond, Biden responded to their lack of interest.

Biden previously used a Mao quote on his campaign trail last year when he spoke at a fundraiser with Obama’s top operative, Valerie Jarret.

Author: Steven Sinclaire