Watch: Biden Makes a Fool Of Himself In Front Of World Leaders

South Korean President Moon Jae-in was the second head of state to visit the Biden White House. Biden decided to respond to the visit with a mental gaffe straight from his classic playbook.

The president’s mental blunder came during his comments after the meeting in which Biden said the two “spoke of ways that Korea and the U.S. will partner together to solve our challenges,” according to an official transcript.

In addition to partnering on coronavirus issues, Biden said, the two countries would also partner on climate change and guaranteeing both nations were at the lead in new technologies.

“We also spoke about how to use our nation’s technological advantages to guarantee that Korea and the U.S. are cooperating — to form new technologies around our shared values,” Biden said.

And that is when the gaffery happened:

“This includes increasing our cybersecurity to expanding our cooperation to build a secure G5 network — 5G network. G-5, that’s another group,” Biden said as he laughed.

“I’m thinking about organization, Mr. President — to secure our 5G networks.”

The “G-5” includes growing nations whose economies are considered almost on par with those of the top industrialized nations, which are themselves known as the G-7. This group is comprised of the United States, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and Japan.

Within the G-5, the large nation is China, along with Brazil, Mexico, India and South Africa.

China’s technology giant Huawei has been among the leaders in 5G technology. Given the control Beijing has on Huawei, this has led to worries about protecting our 5G networks from the G-5’s most powerful country.

Given the seriousness of the threat, now is not the time for another Uncle Joe mental fumble — especially not one that got reactions such as this:

This makes two visits to D.C. from heads of states that feature two Biden gaffes during those meetings, just in case you might be counting.

Author: Steven Sinclaire