America Rebels As Biden Comes Up Short On Campaign Promises

Sleepy Joe Biden made all sorts of promises while running for president from his basement. He slandered the near-miraculous work Trump had been doing for four years. Instead, Biden claimed he would “build back better” (whatever that means) and be a much better president than Trump.

Oh, what a difference a few months makes.

Joe Biden’s idea of “recovery” involved spending trillions of dollars he didn’t have. He handed out free money like Pez candy, giving Americans one-time checks and extending unemployment. Apparently only after the damage was done did economic experts come out and explain how this contributed to rising inflation and workers staying home.

It’s pretty obvious that Biden’s decisions during the tail end of this pandemic have not helped boost the economy. And now, Americans’ optimism for the future isn’t great.

New polling data released by Gallup Monday shows Americans are not confident in the economy and are largely unhappy with the nation’s current trajectory.

The poll found only 36% of Americans are “satisfied with the way things are going.” Specifically on the economy, Americans also are pessimistic…

“Meanwhile, 43% say the economy is getting better, and 53% say it is getting worse.”

The poll also found that Americans increasingly see COVID as less of an issue and the struggling economy as the bigger priority. The poll found 21% of Americans cited an economic issue as the most important problem in the nation, the highest since April of 2017. [Source: Just the News]

Gee, why are Americans so pessimistic about our economic trajectory? Could it be because we have an idiot in the White House who is putting globalists like Russia and China ahead of Americans?

Everything Joe Biden has done has been to the betterment of foreign nations, massive corporations, illegal aliens, and our economic rivals. Nothing he has done has helped Americans find jobs, reduce the cost burden of goods and services, or protect our livelihoods.

And because this man has four years in office to do tremendous damage, Americans aren’t too cheery about what’s coming down the road.

This shouldn’t be a surprise that Biden’s approval is also in the toilet. His rating, even among liberal pollsters, hovers below 50%. Honestly, it should be even lower. If most Americans say the country is getting worse, they know who to blame.

For all the bellyaching bitter liberals made against Trump, they know they were better off when he was in the White House. They were enjoying rising wages, low taxes, cheaper food and fuel, and even housing.

Today, families can’t afford gas, food, or rent. Shouldn’t someone be held accountable for that?

Author: Matthew Smith