Biden Ditches “Buy American” Promise with New Plan

President Biden seems to be ditching his “Buy American” pledge just five months into his term with a program to import materials for electric vehicles according to a new report.

According to officials in the administration, President Biden will soon hurt American miners by outsourcing where the country will get the metals needed for electric vehicle manufacturing.

Rather than using American mines, the Biden Administration will reportedly have the metals imported from Brazil, Australia, Canada, and other nations. The move is a win for liberal environmentalists who have worked for years to shut down American mining programs.

The plan, which won’t be finalized until after the White House’s year-long review of supply chains, will be a huge reversal of Biden’s pledge to American miners last year.

In October of last year, for example, Biden told miners that he would source metals and other materials from them rather than going to other nations for such materials.

Meanwhile, geologist Jim Constantopoulos is warning that America is neglecting its mining potential even as demand is skyrocketing for many metals:

“Neglect of mineral and metal supply chains is now endangering the future of millions of good jobs – the very jobs the Biden White House is so determined to win.”

Author: Blake Ambrose