Democrats Backpedal On Promises — Vaccine Passports Now Official

When the CDC announced vaccinated people no longer have to wear masks inside, many liberals were not happy because they felt that unvaccinated people would cheat—which led to the desire for vaccine passports. In Oregon, this is now a reality.

The Oregon Health Authority is now forcing people wanting to enter businesses or other establishments without a mask, to show proof of vaccination.

“Institutions can now change their masking guidance to allow vaccinated visitors to go maskless in their establishments,” the new policy says. “Institutions doing so must check the vaccination status of all people before they enter.”

“If such policies are not upheld, the state’s masking guidelines must still be adhered to, regardless of a person’s vaccination status.”

A spokesperson for the Oregon Business and Industry organization, Nathaniel Brown, told the NY Times that there are “serious concerns about having businesses be the frontline enforcer.”

“We are hearing from business owners who are worried about putting their employees in a potentially bad position with customers,” Brown said.

In March, New York also made a move in this direction with its so-called Excelsior Pass.

“New York citizens have proven they can adhere to public health rules to beat COVID, and the new Excelsior Pass is yet another tool to fight covid,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said at the time.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who banned such passports in his state, has warned Americans that vaccine passports will create two classes of citizens.

Author: Steven Sinclaire