Rand Paul Puts An End To Fauci’s Reign of Terror

Has anyone been more wrong over the last year than Anthony Fauci? Perhaps New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but we expect elected Democrats to be very bad at their jobs. But a respected doctor who is advising the country on a pandemic? We at least hoped he’d be a little bit competent.

But from the very start of the COVID panic, Fauci has appeared to serve only one purpose: fan the flames of fear and hysteria. He frequently appeared before Congress, saying nothing but doom-and-gloom over the situation. Even former colleagues have criticized the man because of how he rarely emphasizes the positive in his assessments.

The media, of course, propped up Fauci like some kind of god. He frequently appears on TV—on nearly every program imaginable. The left worship Fauci, despite the fact he’s offered very little in the way of help. But we know why they love him, he confirmed their panic-inducing coverage of COVID, so they could exploit it for politics.

Not everyone in our society is buying it. One of Fauci’s biggest critics is Republican Sen. Rand Paul. Paul, a physician himself, has frequently called out the many times Fauci has been dishonest about the pandemic. Now, he is claiming Fauci lied under oath and should get canned.

Paul said on Just the News’ “Water Cooler” show that Fauci lied to Congress when he said the National Institutes of Health did not fund gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“He oughta be immediately fired,” said Paul, who has repeatedly clashed with Fauci over numerous COVID-19 issues. “He’s been lying to us since the very beginning. He first said no masks work, which wasn’t true. Then he said all masks work and that wasn’t true either. The N95 masks work, the rest of them don’t. But he’s been dishonest from the very beginning.”

The Kentucky Republican Paul also said Fauci has lied “so-called with good intentions, noble lies, but he has been dishonest and he should be dismissed.” [Source: Just the News]

The senator was merciless when he highlighted Fauci’s many errors or outright lies (Fauci himself admitted he lied about the mask rules). But Paul did give Fauci a little bit of credit when he said he lied “with good intentions.”

But did he? Why would anyone lie to the American public out of good intentions? People lie so they can get their way. So they can manipulate people or worm out of a jam. Rarely can anyone say lies are for good.

Why would a doctor, who took an oath to do no harm, lie about a deadly pandemic? Unless, of course, Fauci never had the answers and was lying to stay in the spotlight? He’s enjoyed a pretty lucrative gravy train this last year. Who would want to give that up?

Then there is, of course, the fact his institute might have funded they very Wuhan research that led to the pandemic. There is reason to lie about that. If Fauci had a hand in the creation of the pandemic, more than his reputation would be ruined. He could face criminal charges or at least endless lawsuits.

Regardless of the reasons, now doctor should be lying to the entire country. Getting fired should be the least of his consequences.

Author: James Anderson