Biden Prepares For All-Out War Against Gun Owners

President Biden’s nominee to lead the ATF said during a hearing that he supports banning one of the top guns sold in the country.

“I support a ban on the AR-15, as shown in a Senate bill and supported by President Biden,” David Chipman told GOP Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

“The AR-15 was the gun I was given at the ATF and it is an especially lethal gun and regulating it is something I have advocated for,” Chipman continued.

“So you want America’s top gun to be outlawed?” Cruz responded. “You mentioned the Senate bill. Senator Feinstein had a bill to ban over 2000 rifles. This is when Democrats had the majority. And the Senate voted on this gun ban bill. Do you know how many voted against it?”

“60 voted against it. So a supermajority voted against that ban,” Cruz said, after Chipman said he was unaware of the total

“So you also said that Senator Feinstein’s bill, which was overwhelmingly voted against even in a Democratic Senate, you claim that bill did not go far enough and you want a larger ban. Is that right?” Cruz said.

“Senator Feinstein’s bill did not deal with firearms that are currently possessed by Americans. And then I shared my view as a citizen, which would be very different from someone actually enforcing laws, that those guns could be regulated under the National Firearms Act, which would handle those currently in the possession of Americans,” Chipman said.

Chipman currently serves as a senior advisor for a gun control group. He previously pushed the fake news that Branch Davidians shot down helicopters during the Waco disaster.

Author: Scott Dowdy