Liberal Extremists Jeopardize U.S. Military

Thirty GOP members have sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin this Wednesday, warning him about creeping liberal extremism harming America’s military’s status as a respected institution.

The letter, led by Congressman Matt Rosendale, Sr. (R-MT), said:

“We are concerned about increasing liberal extremism in our military. The military’s history of staying out of politics has made it among the most respected institutions and allowed our armed forces to be a foundation of our constitutional order. That legacy is now in peril.”

The lawmakers said that using the agenda of looking for “extremism” within the DOD, “political actors like Bishop Garrison, the leader of the working group seeking to define extremist views” for the military, now have “freedom to root out servicemembers who do not adhere to their far-left doctrines.”

“Your order to ideologically assess servicemembers seems to be connected to these efforts,” they said.

They listed four examples of the problems happening inside the military:

— The U.S. Special Operations Command hired Richard Torres-Estrada as a Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer and announced there was a new “Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan” for special forces. After intense backlash, he was reassigned after his far-left social media comments were revealed, one of which compared President Trump to Hitler.

— The Army released a video titled “The Calling” which calls marching in liberal protests “defending freedom,” shows “two moms” and a lesbian wedding.

— Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, commander in the U.S. Space Force, who warned about increasing marxist ideology in the military, was relieved of his command.

They wrote, “This is not an exhaustive list.”

“The U.S. Military is here to defend our security and to win wars. We urge you to use your office to fight back against the creeping liberal extremism in the military,” they said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire