2024 Is a Landslide Before Voting Even Starts

Many Americans are moving to the state of Florida and registering as Republicans because the lockdowns in Democrat-ran states caused them to rethink being a Democrat, Governor Ron DeSantis (R) said this week.

“The media at the beginning said, ‘Florida is bad,’ and that was because they wanted to harm Trump in the state, they wanted to harm me, so they just repeated it over and over, even though the facts said otherwise,” he said on Fox News.

“And the people who see through those fake narratives, they are coming to Florida. I believe they are registering as Republicans in overwhelming numbers. I met a lot of them who used to be Democrats.”

“The lockdowns then turned them into Republicans because they report ‘I cannot understand,’ people say, ‘I was a Democrat due to education, now they’re keeping my kids out of school. I get to Florida, people are free, people are happy.’ So I believe this whole process has made people reevaluate their past commitments. And if you have a party that puts teachers unions over kids, that says something about the Democrat party.”

Last week, the governor said he did not plan to give in to media narratives, telling conservatives at the Lincoln Day Dinner he was “just getting started” and warned the Republicans must not go back to “the days of the failed GOP establishment of yesteryear.”

Author: Scott Dowdy