Biden Whips Out Republican ‘Hit-List’ During Nationwide Address

President Biden showed a list of conservatives who refused to vote for his American Rescue Plan and that are now “bragging about” it during his Thursday press conference about the economy.

Biden spoke about the economy and his $1.9 trillion plan. At a certain point, the president went for Republicans who voted against his plan, bringing out a list with their names and claiming they are now touting its benefits in their districts.

“Even my GOP friends in Congress, none of them voted for the plan. I won’t embarrass anyone, but here is a list of how some of them are bragging about the plan,” Biden said as he showed a piece of paper.

The audience laughed as Biden kept looking at the list.

“They touted the restaurant fund, grants to health care centers. Some people have no shame,” Biden said as he laughed with the audience. “But I am happy it helped their constituents. That’s OK by me.”

The paper included 13 Republicans, according to a picture from the NY Times. Each name is followed by a description of which section of the plan the offending conservative apparently touted.

House GOP Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik from New York, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, New York Congressman Lee Zeldin and North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn are among the Republicans on the list.

Biden’s American Recovery Plan passed the Senate narrowly with a 50-49 vote and did not get GOP backing in Congress.

Author: Scott Dowdy