Top Senator Drills Fauci To The Ground As Country Demands Answers

In recent days, the country’s overall opinion of Anthony Fauci has changed. Sure, there have always been folks like me who never trusted his raspy-voiced goon. But for much of last year and this year, the media has fawned over this government flunky like he’s the Second Coming. It seems, though, that the worm has turned.

Once upon a time, both the government and media did whatever Fauci told them. If he said don’t wear a mask, we weren’t supposed to wear masks. If he said wear masks, states passed mandates forcing us to wear masks. Even though Fauci was often proven wrong (he personally criticized Trump’s vaccine agenda), very few people were calling him out on it.

But that has changed. Numerous senators have gone after Fauci, over his apparent protection of Wuhan and the lab that might be at the center of the pandemic. It might have something to do with his institute giving so much money to them. Now, another lawmaker is calling out Fauci–over his ever-shifting views of where the virus came from.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) grilled Dr. Anthony Fauci over his evolving view about the origins of the coronavirus pandemic and if the virus emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology…

Fauci said in May 2020 the coronavirus definitively came from natural origins, Johnson noted…

Now roughly one year later, Johnson said Fauci “appeared to be less confident that the virus originated in nature.”…

Johnson then noted Fauci raised even more ambiguity about the virus’s origin after he told a reporter it is “highly likely” the virus came from nature; however, he said, “No one is 100 percent sure.”…

“Further, your high level of confidence in rejecting a potential laboratory origin in May 2020 is perplexing, given that public reports highlighted safety concerns at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Specifically, on April 14, 2020, the Washington Post published an article about information contained in two 2018 State Department cables where U.S. diplomats expressed concerns about the safety of the Wuhan laboratory.” [Source: Breitbart]

Ron Johnson is not impressed with this “expert’s” shifting views on something as important as the origins of COVID-19, the virus that has crippled the world. He reminds Fauci that just a year ago, he was absolutely certain the virus came from natural origins. But more recently, he appears to be leaning toward the possibility that it came from somewhere else.

But then he told a reporter, “nobody” really knows.

Johnson is demanding several things from Fauci. First, he wants to know what evidence Fauci used in 2020 when he said COVID had natural origins. He’s a doctor, after all. His statements should be based on evidence, not his assumptions.

Second, Johnson also wants to know what evidence back in 2020 led Fauci to reject the possibility the virus came from a lab.

The Republican goes on to request more data that Fauci had when making other statements to the government and to the press.

Yes, it’s true that this is a new disease and that even the best experts were still learning much over the past year. But we’re not talking about the virus itself–how it affects humans and how to treat it. We’re talking about where it came from–which is something you either know or you don’t.

If Fauci is in the dark about the origins of COVID, then why was he so certain last year it came from natural sources? He clearly didn’t know, because now he’s changing his tune. Why? Doctors shouldn’t be presenting their opinions as facts. So, why did this doctor–before the whole country–say things without solid evidence?

That’s exactly what Johnson is trying to find out. We’ll see if Fauci has any answers for him.

Author: Alex Anderson