Democrats Panic As FDA Drops Bombshell COVID Update

Scott Gottlieb, the Former FDA Commissioner, said that accidental lab leaks “happen all the time” as concerns on the origins of the pandemic continue to grow.

Gottlieb showed concern about safety processes at labs around the world during his appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” The former commissioner said a final determination on the source of the pandemic was crucial to preventing another deadly outbreak.

“This kind of leak happens all the time,” Gottlieb said. “Even in this country, we have had accidents, and in China, the last outbreaks of SARS-1 have been from labs, including the last one, which was a large outbreak that China that would not disclose if it came from a lab.”

Calls for more investigation into covid’s origins have increased recently. Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal said that three scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China showed symptoms that forced them to seek hospital treatment with symptoms similar to COVID-19 at the end of 2019.

President Biden said the intel. community has not yet determined whether covid came from infected animals or due to a lab accident. Officials will deliver a new report on their decision within the next months.

Biden has promised to make any relevant findings from this investigation public.

Gottlieb urged officials to see lab safety as matters of national security, given the affect of COVID-19.

“It is important to know if this came from a lab so we can get attention on trying to get the inventories of these labs, what they are studying, making sure the buildings are properly built,” he said. “We also need to view public health through the lens of national security. This caused great damage to the United States. COVID harmed us more than it harmed other nations.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire