Biden’s DHS May Bring Deported Illegal Aliens Back to U.S.

President Biden’s DHS might consider a program to bring formerly deported illegals back to the United States, and have taxpayers pay for it.

The open borders group shared a program with the Biden administration to return illegals who were deported by former President Trump back into the U.S. Over 935,000 illegals were deported by Trump.

The open borders activists’ plan with the corporate-aligned National Immigrant Justice Center says this might be done using an executive order by Biden and forming an office within the DHS that allows deported illegals to request to come back to the U.S.

The program comes as the Biden White House weighs another plan to give amnesty and even reparations to over 1,000 illegals deported by Trump. That program would be the end result of negotiations between the Biden team and the ACLU, which is legally representing the illegals whose children are still inside the country.

While the Biden White House has not completely endorsed the plan being put forth by the group, similar plans are included in their official amnesty program, suggesting officials are supportive of the idea.

Biden wants to give amnesty to illegals who were deported by Trump starting in January of 2017.

The measure gives DHS waivers to deported illegals — as long as they are without a felony conviction or three misdemeanors — so they can come back to the U.S. and make an attempt at amnesty.

Today, there are around 11 to 22 million illegals living in the country and 42 million people south of the border who want to migrate to the U.S. This is a population that is almost five times the population of NY City.

Author: Scott Dowdy