Biden’s Military Failures On Full Display Thanks To New Poll

Would anyone consider Joe Biden a “strong” president? Would anyone consider Joe Biden a president at all?

It’s hard to say the man has any strengths at all. He can’t even walk up a flight of stairs properly, much less show the world our country’s strength. His frequent gaffes, mumbles, confused remarks, or forgetfulness cast doubt on his mental ability. And, let’s be honest, his decisions are not coming from a man of conviction or vision, but a patsy for the radical left.

But how does he fare as a leader of our Armed Forces? Well, he has a reputation for insulting our men and women in uniform, when they don’t cheer at his bad jokes. Biden is dismissive and rude to our soldiers. Remember, it was on his watch that thousands of National Guardsmen were forced to sleep in freezing garages in D.C.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised at the results of this recent poll.

Fewer than a third of voters believe President Joe Biden is a stronger leader than most recent presidents, and a majority view him as less aggressive in his dealings with foreign leaders…

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 32% of Likely U.S. Voters think, compared to most recent presidents, President Biden is a stronger commander in chief for the military. Forty-three percent (43%) believe Biden is a weaker commander in chief than most recent presidents. Eighteen percent (18%) say Biden is about the same as most recent presidents as a military leader. [Source: Rasmussen Report]

This is bad news all across the board. The president is supposed to be the “Commander in Chief” of our military. That’s more than just a symbolic title. Much of his decisions will determine how our military will respond to problems around the globe. A strong, confident, patriotic president will lead the military with strength and purpose.

But a weak man who can’t even talk right? Let’s just say the military would be better off with a third-grader at the helm.

This poll reveals that most Americans don’t think Biden is up for the task of leading our military. Only 32% think he is stronger than past presidents. That’s pretty bad, since that means people who voted for him now don’t think he has what it takes.

And this poll matches what we’ve seen thus far. Joe Biden was nearly absent as our ally Israel was bombarded by rocket fire. Joe sat on his hands as Palestinian-backed terrorists sent over 3,000 missiles into Israel. A strong president would have sent a very stern warning to our allies’ enemies. Instead, Biden did very little.

Biden appears weak on China and Russia, two major threats to our economy and democracy. Worst of all, he is totally unwilling to hold Iran’s feet to the fire. Iran is the worlds’ number one state sponsor of terrorism. They have vowed to destroy America and Israel. Yet Biden’s administration continues to flirt with the idea of restoring the Iran Nuclear Deal.

That doesn’t sound very strong to me, does it?

Author: Mark Anderson