Antifa Targets Republican At Her Home — She Responds With This Video

Antifa seems to have honed in on a new victim: Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace (SC).

Mace reported that her home was vandalized and attacked by Antifa who left graffiti.

She posted photos of the graffiti and said it was worrying that these thugs targeted her home “where I am raising two children.”

The graffiti contained an Antifa symbol as well as “All politicians are bastards” and “No masters, no gods,” and “Pass the Pro Act.” That last line could be the real agenda here. The real intimidation goal. Because liberals are going all-out to get it passed.

When you go to a congresswoman’s home and make her children feel threatened to force your political goals, the only word for it is terrorism.

In a comment, Mace said, “We should all feel safe in our homes, regardless of our beliefs.” and she said this was the second time she was vandalized in the last few months. “There is a great difference between protests and criminal acts of vandalism and intimidation.”

The Democrats keep stoking this type of violence up, hence the ProAct graffiti. And unfortunately, we have a very dumb media. This is how one local reporter framed this incident against Congresswoman Mace.

Apparently, Caitlyn Byrd does not understand Antifa is made of anarchists and anarcho-Communists. Their flag is red for Communism and black meaning anarchy. That is what the failure of the media to report leaves you with — ignorance about the topic.

Mace also last got attention recently when she slammed Congresswoman AOC for her misleading statements on the Capitol riot. AOC then issued a lot of personal attacks against her on social media.

Author: Scott Dowdy