Biden’s Failure Leads To Humiliating International Visit

GOP lawmakers have arrived in Israel to look at the destruction from the recent regional conflict. A group of three senators have met with top Israeli leaders.

The group, which was comprised of Republicans Ted Cruz (Texas), Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Bill Hagerty (Tenn.), reasserted the party’s support in helping Israel rebuild its strategic position in the region.

“The eyes and ears of America is Israel,” said Senator Graham. “The Five Eyes… are our vital allies, but no nation does more to protect us from radical Islam than Israel.”

Senator Cruz said he created the group to assess what the U.S. might do to increase Israel’s defenses. Additionally, he wants to see how we can bring in the international community to get behind our ally.

“Israel’s enemies are America’s enemies and there are large benefits to the United States from this partnership, whether it is Mossad giving intelligence,” said the Texas lawmaker. “Or the technological leaps that we get from missile defense that helps keep us safe.”

This visit came after Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire to end the 11 days of rocket attacks and ground assaults. Democrats and the Biden White House have said they will continue supporting Israel.

Biden also promised to give money to help rebuild the conflict torn region. However, critics say that Hamas militants will get their hands on the money.

“We are very worried about these funds being diverted by Hamas,” explained Senator Hagerty. “We must avoid that at every cost… the Iron Dome has done a wonderful job of guarding civilians…I believe our money is better spent replenishing this Iron Dome.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire