Biden Takes Immigration To Stunning New Levels — Is He Nuts?

President Biden’s DHS is flying in single adult male migrants to cities across the nation.

A report revealing the Biden Team’s “lottery” policy, resulting in the overflowing release of illegals into the country, reveals that DHS is paying to have single male adult illegals flown into the country.

In one case, 15 single adult males were caught illegally entering the country, sent to DHS, and then put on domestic flights into certain U.S. towns and cities.

DHS data reveals that the Biden White House is releasing around 15 percent of all single adult illegals into the nation and around 65 percent of adult illegals who arrive with children.

The release totals are a part of Biden’s nationwide Catch and Release movement where illegal border crossers are placed into taxpayer-funded hotels and then flown into the country. The operation is being helped by Catholic Charities and other organizations.

Between February 19 and April 22, the Biden team had brought in around 7,200 illegals into the country on flights. The illegals are allowed to bypass ID requirements, boarding flights without id, and do not have to prove they are negative for coronavirus.

Author: Steven Sinclaire