Facebook Caught Conspiring Against America

Companies like Facebook for one year now have censored truthful stories and information about the possibility that coronavirus arose from gain-of-function experiments in a Chinese laboratory, not from natural transmission from animals.

Last week Facebook altered its position and said it would no longer remove posts about the topic.

“Facebook will no longer remove content claiming that Covid was manufactured,” a spokesperson said on Wednesday, a move that seems to accept the new debate about the virus’ origins.

But now a new email has surfaced from CEO Zuckerberg, which was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, and this email might explain why the company was censoring covid stories.

“I want to say thank you for all that you are doing to make our nation’s response to this virus as effective as it can be. I also wish to share a few ideas of how we could aid you in getting your message out but I know you are very busy, so don’t feel required to reply unless these seem appealing,” Zuckerberg wrote in a message to Dr. Fauci on March 15th of 2020, adding that he wished to bring “authoritative” information to the public.

Fauci replied to Zuckerberg and worked with him on numerous messaging programs for the website.

When Fauci was challenged concerning the lab leak theory in April of 2020, he discounted the idea. Facebook then began removing posts about the lab leak theory.

“Could you deal with these concerns that this virus was man-made, possibly coming out of a lab in China?” Fauci was asked during the official Coronavirus Taskforce press briefing.

“The mutations it has undergone is completely consistent with an animal to human jump,” Fauci said.

That comment contradicted a message Fauci got from an NIH researcher on January 31, 2020, who said the virus was “possibly engineered” in a laboratory.

Since Jan. 2020, Facebook has deleted hundreds of stories and accounts concerning Wuhan coronavirus, citing “misinformation” as labeled by “fact checkers.” Dr. Fauci was downplaying the lab leak theory, the liberal media said it was a conspiracy theory and Facebook, with Fauci as their “authoritative” source, went all out in their censorship of the topic.

Author: Blake Ambrose