Kamala Takes Full Control Of White House — Announces 2 New Goals

VP Kamala Harris will now have complete control over two hot-button areas of policy for the Biden administration — first, the flood of illegals at the border, and now, Americans’ voting rights.

President Biden announced this week that VP Harris, despite overwhelming criticism over her management of the ongoing border flood, would head his administration’s efforts on the important matter of voting rights.

Biden has criticized voter ID reforms being pushed by Republicans in Georgia, Florida, and Texas — often flat out lying about what these laws want to accomplish.

Once again labeling Republican efforts as “assaults on democracy” in a speech earlier this week, Biden said that Harris’s new role shows how serious the issue is for his team.

“To signify our efforts, today I am requesting that Harris help lead them, among her other responsibilities,” Biden said while speaking about the Tulsa Race Massacre.

“With her leadership and the support of Americans, we will overcome yet again, I promise. But it will take a lot of work,” he said.

Democrats seem to have a put a lot of effort in prolonging the extraordinary pandemic-linked voting rule changes that happened last year. They have framed this as being about voting rights.

Republicans have said that new rules are needed to protect the integrity of America’s electoral system, especially after an election that many GOP voters see as rampant with fraud.

Author: Steven Sinclaire