Trump Returns To The Stage With 2 Huge Demands

Former President Trump gave his first public speech in almost four months last night at North Carolina’s annual GOP convention, where he talked about the future of the Republican party and endorsed U.S. Republican Congressman Ted Budd, N.C. for Senate.

Trump started his speech with a shot at President Biden and “the socialist Democrats” who he labeled “the most extreme left-wing White House in history.”

The former president also spoke about “America’s doctor,” Dr. Fauci who got push-back last week after emails were released showing his private advice differed from his public advice.

Trump slammed Fauci for his advice against “closing our borders to Europe or China,” and how he went back from his “powerful” advice on “no masks.” Trump was criticized for his choice to close the border, which was against Fauci’s advice, but Trump said the decision saved “hundreds of thousands of people.”

He continued saying that Fauci then “became an extreme masker.”

Trump then discussed the source of the coronavirus, saying that Fauci was “never more wrong than when he denied where the virus came from.”

He stressed the Biden family’s connection to China saying the current White House “is frankly corrupt when you look at the money they have been given by China. And instead of keeping China accountable, they shut down the investigation into the source of the virus shortly after entering office. What is going on?”

Trump then said he wanted China to hand over a minimum of $10 trillion for “reparations” to all nations for coronavirus damages, on top of a 100% tariff on Chinese products.

“We should all make China pay. They have to pay. The U.S. should immediately enact a firm 100% tariff against Chinese goods. You saw our tariffs working. Democrats used to fight the tariffs, they haven’t taken those tariffs away yet. Biden does not want to.”

Trump then repeated his concerns about the 2020 election and its integrity, concerns that led to him being banned from social media platforms such as Facebook.

While Trump is thinking about 2024, 2022 is on the top of his mind.

“The survival of America is linked to us electing Republicans at every level, beginning with the midterms in 2022,” he said.

Author: Blake Ambrose