New Study Completely Reverses Democrats’ COVID Lies

Another study has found that it is very likely that the coronavirus pandemic was sourced from a virus created inside a lab.

Dr. Stephen Quay and physics professor Richard Muller from Berkeley revealed their discovery in The WSJ on Sunday, saying that “The biggest reason to believe in a lab leak is completely based in science.”

The scientists continued on to say that “Coronavirus has a genetic print that has never been seen in natural coronavirus.”

The study mentions the genome sequencing of the virus ‘CGG-CGG’, which is among the 36 patterns seen, but this one does not happen in nature.

“The CGG-CGG has never been seen in nature. That means the process of viruses gaining new skills, which is named recombination, cannot work here,” the scientists said.

“A virus cannot simply get their sequence from a second virus if that sequence is not there in any other virus,” they said, while also stressing that CGG-CGG IS usually seen in ‘gain of function’ studies, which was used with coronaviruses at the Wuhan Virology lab.

The scientists demand that those scientists who believe coronavirus came from animals “should explain why this picked its least common combination: CGG-CGG.”

They also go on to demand an explanation as to “Why did it copy the choice the gain-of-function researchers would have made?”

This study comes after new research by Professor Dalgleish and virologist Birger Sorensen which reveal evidence that the virus was created in a lab.

As the scientists said, they were ignored until only recently when intel. findings show that workers in the Wuhan bio lab got sick with coronavirus symptoms in Nov. 2019.

As the pandemic spread, many scientists suggested the sequencing within the virus was unnatural, and should be investigated more.

The lab leak idea was then shut down when scientists led by Dr Daszak “created a ‘bullying’ campaign and influenced scientists into signing a letter to The Lancet journal targeted at removing the blame for Covid-19 from China’s Wuhan lab which he was funding with American tax payer money.”

Author: Blake Ambrose