Trump Makes a Nigerian Move Nobody Saw Coming

Former President Trump put out a comment on Tuesday congratulating the country of Nigeria for banning the censorship-crazed Twitter platform, encouraging other countries to follow suit.

“Congratulation to Nigeria, who just banned Twitter in response to the company banning their President. More NATIONS should ban Facebook and Twitter for not allowing open and free speech—all voices must be heard,” a comment from Trump said.

Nigeria put the ban in place after Twitter deleted one of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s messages, which was said to encourage violence, according to the NY Post.

Trump recently showed similar anger after Facebook announced their choice to uphold their ban against him for his comments about Jan. 6 for a minimum of a two year period.

In Trump’s statement, he issued another hit against Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO, and once again gave the impression he was considering a possible 2024 Presidential run. Trump also showed regret for not having dealt with Twitter while he was president.

“Who are these companies to decide right and wrong, good and evil if they are evil themselves? Maybe I should have dealt with them when I was in office. But Zuckerberg kept visiting me and telling me how wonderful I was. 2024?” said the former president about Twitter and Facebook.

The mention of 2024 in his message has led some people to speculate Trump is hinting that a second term would feature him targeting the liberal-dominated tech giants with anti-trust actions or more. While conservatives have attempted to create their own platforms, like Rumble and and others, the majority of Americans still solely use the top two social media giants and their influence on politics is only getting stronger.

Facebook’s Oversight Board will re-investigate the ban against Trump’s account on January 7th of 2023 to “determine if the risk to public safety has declined,” according to a comment from Facebook’s VP of Global Affairs Nick Clegg.

Trump recently deleted his blog and hinted at starting his own social media platform. His spokesperson Jason Miller said such a platform might be launched as early as this summer during his Newsmax interview this past week.

Author: Blake Ambrose