Facebook’s Chinese Connection Is Getting The Company In Major Trouble

A recent report reveals that Facebook is very protective of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) use of its platform. Indeed, the tech giant seems to be treating the dictatorship far better than Americans who are right-leaning politically.

The Media Research Center released their report showing how the CCP is being allowed to go on unimpeded on the tech platform, which constantly censors conservatives. The report says:

“Facebook has no issues about censoring conservatives. Yet, the company allows accounts of propaganda outlets from the genocidal government of China to take over their platform. Forty accounts using Facebook, gaining over 751 million followers, are controlled by Chinese media.”

Facebook has managed to delete disinformation from Iranian state media and it did target Russian media, as well. However, the tech firm has done next to nothing to stop Chinese propaganda published on its platform through government-run outlets.

The report continues:

“Thirty-seven of these 40 accounts which belong to Chinese state media also have accounts on Twitter. There were all given the label of “state-linked” media. The MRC found only 23 on Facebook that were labeled state-linked accounts — a clear violation of its own policy on identifying state-run accounts.”

The author goes on to stress a disturbing fact about the issue, saying that an investigation by the Oxford Internet Institute discovered that the Chinese Government’s rising influence was due to misinformation, and that it “used its presence on Facebook to justify, rationalize and legitimize its human rights abuses against various political and religious minorities.”

The report also reveals how the CCP uses Facebook to push misinformation created to defend its brutal practices.

Regardless of these facts, Facebook has continued to allow the regime to utilize its platform to publish deceptive content obfuscating its rounding up of Muslims and putting them into concentration camps.

To put it bluntly, Facebook is uninterested in the truth that a brutal regime is using its platform to push false narratives to fight criticism of its human rights abuses. The company’s executives only seem to care about targeting conservatives and especially anyone who supports Trump.

Author: Blake Ambrose