Trump Levels Biden Over His New “Greatest Threat” Theory

Trump is certainly gearing up to reengage in the public arena only five months after exiting the White House, and he seems to be having fun while doing it.

Trump has been on a roll for the past couple of weeks and ensuring that even with being banned from social media, he is still active and ready to roll. Our recent example comes from him slamming Biden’s latest episode in Europe, in which he said global warming was the “greatest threat against America.”

Trump wasted no time on mocking this idea by giving this statement from

“Biden just stated that he was told by the Joint Chiefs of Staff that Global Warming is the greatest danger to us. If they really said this to him, he should instantly fire the Joint Chiefs of Staff”!

While this was said when Biden was Vice President, this still shows that Biden is not only incompetent as President but also during his whole political career.

Biden is traveling Europe for meetings with other leaders. He is on the world stage and his every word will be watched and analyzed by countries and leaders that are both pro and anti-America.

We are told he is the most experienced President ever. Yet in front of America’s troops, he says the greatest threat to America is climate change? Remember, he isn’t joking.

Let’s look at what has happened in the U.S. in the past month:

*Hackers from Russia or China brought the Colonial Pipeline to the ground with a digital attack that stopped energy from being delivered to the east coast for nearly two weeks.

*Hackers from Russia or China attacked the JBS meatpacking locations that almost caused shortages in America’s food supply.

You might believe that Biden would be somewhat more concerned about these issues but instead he wants to discuss the scam that is global warming.

Author: Blake Ambrose