Arizona Gears Up For All-Out Civil War Against Biden

An Arizona state lawmaker has sent a warning to Merrick Garland, Biden’s current Attorney General that he will ‘spend time in prison’ if he disrupts the 2020 election review, after Garland said on Friday that the Justice Department will investigate if any federal crimes were committed during the audit – and claimed the state was using ‘abnormal’ means.

“Some areas, founded on disinformation, have used abnormal election audit methods that might put the integrity of the election process at risk and harm public confidence in America’s democracy., said the A.G..

State Congresswoman Wendy Rogers responded, saying on Twitter: “You will not disrupt Arizona ballots unless you wish to spend time inside a prison., adding “Maybe you should instead focus on preventing terrorism.”

The audit, being done by Senate Republicans in the state and authorized by State Senate President Karen Fann, is the nation’s longest-running 2020 election audit, according to some reports.

Garland sent a letter to Fann back in May from the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division. Say that her plan to go door-to-door to get voter information might be a form of voter intimidation.

According to him, audits such as Arizona’s will come under federal scrutiny, “to guarantee they go by federal requirements to guard election records and do not allow the intimidation of voters.”

Garland also said his agency would “give guidance detailing the criminal and civil statutes that apply to post-election reviews.”

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward responded to Garland’s warning, saying: “Seems that Merrick wants to ignore and forgot about the Constitution.”

Is the A.G worried about something being found? We imagine the possibility is there. If Biden did win the 2020 election through fraud, something like the Arizona audit could bring his administration to the ground or at least lead to an uphill battle in 2024 for Democrats.

Author: Steven Sinclaire