World Leaders Laugh In Biden’s Face During European Excursion

Everyone who thought Joe Biden would be a better president than Donald Trump should be pretty humiliated by now. Because Joe is perhaps the most pathetic, most embarrassing world leader to ever stumble off Air Force One.

We’ve seen over the last year just how poorly his policies and agenda are. And we often wonder who was really pulling the strings in the administration.

Remember, Joe hid from reporters and refused to do press briefings for months. In the past, his aides would shout over reporters so Joe couldn’t hear them. Clearly, something fishy is going on.

And while he was in Europe, he frequently revealed—once again—that his “staff” are the ones really in charge.

During the press conference, Biden repeatedly stated that he was going to “get in trouble” with his staff over the question and answer portion of the event…

Toward the end of the press conference, Biden took an extra question from someone who was not on a list that he appeared to be reading off of as he called on reporters, saying, “I’m going to get in trouble with my my staff.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Uh… Joe? You’re the President of the United States (allegedly). Your staff answers to you, not the other way around. Why is he saying he’ll “get in trouble” for answering questions? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he’s declining mentally and is told by his handlers not to answer questions without their approval?

Just a shot in the dark, but I’d says that reason. Also, he’s not really the person making the decisions.

It even more pathetic, when Joe made another blunder, showing his rapidly declining mental state. This one was so bad, world leaders laughed in Joe’s face.

World leaders laughed at President Joe Biden during a roundtable event at the G7 over the weekend after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had to remind Biden of something that had just happened moments before…

“And the president of South Africa,” Biden interjected.

“And the president of South Africa as I said early on,” Johnson responded.

“Oh, you did?” Biden asked.

The room erupted in laughter. [Source: Daily Wire]

They were not just laughing at Sleepy Joe Biden. They were laughing at us. Laughing at a country whose leader has no brains or ability. Laughing at the fact that they can now take advantage of the United States whenever they want.

Because we no longer have a president that actually cares about the citizens. Nor a president who is bold enough to push back against corrupt European oligarchs and greedy Chinese communists.

It was a sad moment for Joe Biden, but it only underscores just how unqualified he is to be president. The man is not really in charge. And every time he opens his mouth, he proves it.

How can anyone think Joe Biden is really fit to do everything he is doing? Even if you admit he is just a puppet for his party, why did they pick a guy who messes up this badly—every time he’s in public?

Not that his “vice president” would do any better. Kamala Harris was given just a little bit of responsibility and has done terribly.

Nobody is calling this administration a “dream team.” It’s more like a nightmare.

Author: Michael Smith