Biden Loses His Meeting With Putin Before It Even Begins

A handful of what seems to be more than the normal Joe Biden mistakes while on his European trip has some reporters asking questions about the 78-year old’s mental decline. Last year, while on the campaign trail, Biden had a series of questionable moments – all caught on video – and which were dismissed by the media as Trump conspiracies.

During his recent press conference ending the G7 summit in England, Biden went through a speech wherein he mistook Syria for Libya three different times in under 90 seconds…

“We can partner with Russia – in Libya as an example. We should give food assistance, and economic… I mean, vital assistance to the people that are in real trouble., he said, clearly meaning Syria and not Libya.

The AP took note of another “handful of verbal mistakes” Biden made during the G-7 event, after which he went to London, then Brussels to meet with NATO leaders.

“At his news conference, Biden briefly mistook Syria for Libya when he spoke about the importance of giving humanitarian help to nations destroyed by civil war. It was one of a handful of verbal mistakes Biden made., the AP wrote.

Reporter Glenn Greenwald asked everyone to “be honest” and “decide for yourself” in connection to previous warnings about Biden’s potential mental issues:

“Given these disturbing videos and others, it is a good day to remind people that the warnings about Biden suffering from severe cognitive decline did *not* come from Trump’s people, but from establishment Democrats., Greenwald said Monday.

Some reports took ahold of another weird video from the G7 event to suggest at one point Biden seemed “lost” during a casual setting…

However, in the above video it is difficult to know what is really happening – yet the appearance of Jill Biden coming to the “rescue” is indeed very bizarre.

President Biden’s lack of mental focus could be the reason why his team has announced that Biden will only give a “solo” press conference after Wednesday’s meeting with Putin, as opposed to the normal of both leaders answering questions from reporters.

Author: Blake Ambrose