Biden’s COVID ‘Expert’ Gives Erie Warning About The Next ‘Plandemic’

The COVID-19 pandemic has irreversibly changed the lives of every single American. Not a sole person was left unaffected. Aside from those who got sick and perished, every last American’s life was turned upside down.

Yet some people think we did not do enough for this deadly disease.

At the start of the pandemic, the mainstream media (including their liberal bloggers and websites) dismissed the disease. Calling it the “Wuhan flu,” they claimed it was no worse than the normal flu. They even called Trump’s attempts to address it unnecessary, even “racist.”

But now, a former advisor for the Biden administration is saying we did not do enough to combat the virus. And is even saying it was Trump, not the left, who ignored the virus early on.

In a Monday interview with CBS, a former COVID-19 advisor for President Joe Biden’s administration said Americans will need to sacrifice more in the event of another pandemic.

“We denied the virus for too long under the Trump White House. There was too much squashing of dissent and playing on divisions.” Andy Slavitt, a former White House COVID-19 response advisor…

He added, “But I also think we need to look at one another and ask ourselves, ‘What do we need to do better next time?’ And in many respects, being able to sacrifice a little bit for one another to get through this and to save more lives is going to be essential. That’s something that I think we could all have done better on.”…

About 200,000 U.S. establishments permanently closed in 2020, according to a study released in April by the Federal Reserve. [Source: Daily Caller]

Wow. How bad do you have to be to get fired by the Biden administration? Apparently this bad.

Numbskull Andy Slavitt claims that Trump “denied the virus for too long.” Uh… was he on planet earth in 2020? He, like so many other Democrats, is trying to pathetically rewrite history.

I don’t have to, but I’ll remind everyone of the facts. It was in January 2020 that Trump started working against the pandemic. Hell, he even mentioned the disease in his State of the Union address in February. Democrats continued to ignore it well into March. In fact, health officials in New York State were still telling people they could go about their normal lives in early March.

So, who was ignoring the virus, Andy?

Then this out-of-touch government flunky scolded a country that lost everything, thanks to this virus, by saying we needed to do more. This guy might not have sacrificed enough, but the rest of us did.

Our entire lives were ruined. Educational careers were derailed. Weddings, celebrations, milestones were postponed or canceled. Churches were denied their 1st Amendment rights. And that’s not to mention the 200,000 businesses that aren’t coming back.

What the hell is this Slavitt talking about? What more could we have sacrificed? Should we have all just jumped into the ocean? Would that have appeased the COVID gods?

This man needs to stop talking, before he really makes an idiot of himself.

Author: Jim Smith