Heat Turns Up On Fauci As Money Smuggling Scheme Emerges

Once upon a time, Anthony Fauci was considered a savior by the mainstream media. Every word he said, the left hung on like it was Gospel. To Democrats, this prophet of doom could do no wrong.

My, how things change.

Fauci has been taking intense heat in recent weeks, as revelations come out challenging his integrity and authority. More people, including leaders, are calling out what they believe is Fauci’s shifting opinion on the pandemic.

Released emails expose just how little Fauci knew—and how much he was willing to lie about the virus. On top of that, people are demanding answers from the man, whose institute donated considerable funds to the Wuhan lab connected with the pandemic.

It looks like things might be getting worse for the so-called expert, as one Republican wonders, “Just how much did Fauci profit off this pandemic?”

Alabama Republican Rep. Jerry Carl told Just the News that he wants the House of Representatives to investigate Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, for possible profit-making motives related to COVID-19…

“I would like to know if he made any money off of this COVID-19,” Carl told “Just the News AM” on Monday. “I think that’s a fair question. What most people don’t realize… when you’re like Fauci and you can step out on the stage at any given day, make a statement and turn the stock market, it’s easy to predict that.

“You can turn the stock market so you go and invest your money in this or that, turn the stock market, and sell it back into this or that. It’s an easy process. Do I have anything to base that on? No, I do not. All I’m saying it’s a great time for us, the people, to ask that our bureaucrats be held responsible for what they do and how they say it.” [Source: Just the News]

Carl raises a fascinating question. After reading through the 700 emails recently released, he seems to be wondering just what Fauci could have been after. Fauci advised both presidents during the pandemic. He testified before Congress numerous times. And the number of times he appeared on TV are impossible to count.

It could have been very easy for Fauci to carefully pick his words, knowing how they would affect things like the economy, government policy, and other areas of society. Is it possible Fauci was knowingly saying things that would affect the stock markets?

Well, we do know that the stock market, like everything else, was impacted by the pandemic. And the stock market has a way of “reacting” to things like statements, speeches, or breaking news. If Fauci wanted to influence the market—so he could buy and sell stock—he could have easily done it.

There is no evidence that he was up to something like that, but Carl believes now is the right time to find out.

Although this claim might be far-fetched, it does open up an investigation into Fauci’s activities during the pandemic. And Congress might discover plenty the American people will want to know about.

Author: Matthew Graham