Trump Steps In, Overrules Biden And Kamala

Former President Trump said on Tuesday that he is going to the southern border as President Biden’s border problem continues to worsen and VP Kamala Harris has routinely avoided going to the area.

“I have accepted the invitation from Greg Abbott, the Texas Governor, to join him during a visit to our Nation’s destroyed Southern Border this Wednesday., Trump said. “The Biden White House inherited from me the best and most safe border in American history and in only weeks they turned it into the worst disaster in our history. It is a complete disaster.”

“If this were not bad enough, Harris and Biden refuse to go to the scenes of the damage they have created, or visit with ICE and Border Patrol heroes risking their lives to guard our Nation during a time when the Biden Administration is making their job completely impossible., Trump said. “What Harris and Biden have done is a complete dereliction of their duties. My visit will put a spotlight on these crimes—and show our amazing Border Patrol that they have our complete support.”

Biden’s border problems keep worsening as more illegals were caught at the southern border last month than any other time in the history of the DHS, which was formed in 2002.

“In May of 2021, CBP caught 180,034 people trying to enter the Southwest Border., Border officials said in a statement. “Single adults were the majority of these incidents.”

These terrible border numbers represented a whopping 674% increase compared to May of 2020 when 23,237 illegals were caught. Last month’s numbers were the worst in over two decades.

The Trump White House had turned around the problem at the border starting during Fiscal 2019 and maintained them low throughout Fiscal 2020. Biden’s numbers worsened every month he has been in the White House in terms of the illegals being caught at the southern border.

Author: Blake Ambrose