Watch: Biden Has His Most Embarrassing Mental Episode Yet

President Biden’s brain went haywire for a weird 28 seconds on Tuesday while he was at the European Union summit held in the city of Brussels, only one day before he is to meet with Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia.

Biden was speaking to EU leaders about the nation being “back” when his comments went into complete nonsense for almost half a minute. The president had gratitude for attending the G7 and thanked those near to him for joining him on the trip to Europe.

“I brought my A-team with me. And I have said, both privately and publicly, that America is back, and this is why we are here in full force., Biden said.

“I’m happy to have with me: Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State, who suffers from the issue of having worked with me for many years., Biden joked. “And Ambassador Katherine Tai, who made good progress already. And Gina Raimondo, Secretary of Commerce, who was a top-rate governor and among the smartest people that we have worked with, and agreed to come as our Secretary of Commerce.”

What started as a clear yet boring discussion soon turned into a train wreck when the president’s brain went into another world.

“And uh, I have said before, and I apologize — oh, I did not — Jake Sullivan — ohhh — National Security Advisor. I am leaving out many people here. I’m going to be in trouble. But we’ll get back to that in a moment., Biden said in a video published by Republicans.

“But umm, uhh — there’s much that, uhh, that is happening., he said.

Will Biden do this while sitting across from Putin? Biden eventually found his way back to sanity and seemed to regain his footing.

But this epic brain flub happened just one day before Biden is scheduled to meet and discuss important topics with Putin, whom Biden recently called a “killer.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire