Republicans Make Democrats Pay For January 6th Lies

An Alabama arrest warrant has been issued this week for a process server that works for Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) who illegally entered Congressman Mo Brooks’ (R-AL) home.

“My wife was scared to death when she saw a stranger in our house swooping in like a hawk!” Brooks said in his press release. “Fortunately, the fear soon change into anger and Martha chased him out of our house like a stray dog. I am proud of her as my wife!”

The warrant, issued for Christian Seklecki for criminal trespass, is in response to his June 6th crime when, as shown by videos from the Congressman’s house, Seklecki entered the residence without their permission.

“We take our security extremely seriously, like all families do., Martha Brooks said. “My hope is that my actions will lead the server to think again before ever illegally entering someone’s home, and put those people threatening us on notice that we will punish illegal acts to the fullest extent possible.”

Swalwell’s team is accused of entering the Brooks’ house to give a lawsuit against Brooks for his alleged role in the January 6th protest.

“Well, Swalwell did it, served his complaint (to my WIFE). TERRIBLE Swalwell’s squad broke the law by sneaking INTO MY HOME and accosting my wife! 1st degree criminal trespass. One year in jail. $6000 fine. More coming soon!” he tweeted on June 6.

Swalwell’s lawyers apparently had problems serving Brooks the lawsuit, a needed part of filing a lawsuit against someone.

CNN said that a Federal Judge “gave Democrats another 60 days to serve Brooks with formal notification” and wouldn’t “allow the US Marshals to give the lawsuit to the GOP congressman due to concerns about ‘separation of powers concerns.’”

This comes at a time when Democrats are pushing ahead with their plans for a January 6th commission. Which they almost certainly intend to use as a political weapon against Trump supporters.

Author: Steven Sinclaire