Watch: Biden’s Mental Capacity Just Keeps On Declining

Biden’s meeting with Putin, like the rest of his European summit, was a total disaster. Putin denied he was behind the cyberattacks. Meanwhile, Biden lifted sanctions and approved Russia’s gas pipeline. And while some reporters are desperately attempting to spin the summit as a sign of Biden’s strength, the rest of us see what really went down.

Supposedly, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, who made her name fighting with former President Trump, noticed it as well. She attempted to question Biden as to why he has confidence in Putin. What then happened was absolutely surreal. Biden went for her, insulting her numerous times while undermining his previous statements about the summit.

We know Biden is senile. Given this, I expect him to come unglued and lose control over his emotions. But this was too much and it was genuinely unnerving to watch. Not only does Biden insult the reporter numerous times, he insults her again as he is walking off angrily. If a Republican did the same to a female reporter, it would be the top story on CNN for two years. I mean that in a literal way too — they would not stop doing stories about it for around two years.

What is so much worse is that Collins is a defender of Biden. She is actually very partisan when it comes to White House reporters. Biden, likely not understanding who she is due to him being senile, unloads on her anyway. Her question was not unfair. In fact, it was angled for Biden to lower expectations while seeming to be in control. Instead, the guy freaks out.

The real concern is how the media will respond to this. The press corps are already angry at Biden for how he treated them, allowing Russian security to remove them from the room. Now, he is yelling at friendly reporters like he is off his meds. Will they respond by giving him a hard time for this attack on freedom of the press?

We know that the media will absolutely fall in line. Perhaps we will get some meek statements from reporters, but it will stop there and everything will be back to normal, with the media bowing down to Biden on every issue.

Author: Blake Ambrose