Democrats Panic After Chinese Defector’s True Identity Revealed

We now know the identity of the Chinese defector who has worked with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for months now and what his rank was within the Chinese government, among other information.

Chinese-language (but anti-communist) news sites were talking this week about rumors that Dong Jingwei, vice minister of State Security, defected to the U.S. in February, traveling from Hong Kong to California. Dong was a top-ranking member in the Ministry of State Security (MSS), also called the Guoanbu.

His background seems to show he was leading the Ministry’s counterintelligence, which essentially means spy-catching. If these rumors are true, Dong would be the highest-ranking defector in the history of China.

Sources have now confirmed the defector is Dong, that he was leading counterintelligence efforts in China, and that he went to the U.S. in February to visit his daughter at a university in California.

After Dong landed in California, he reached out to DIA officials and informed them of his intention to defect and the information he had with him. Dong then waited for around two weeks and then DIA agents arrived to hide him.

Sources also say that Chinese leaders demanded the U.S. return Dong, but Blinken was confused by this, because at the time, Blinken was not aware that Dong was being held by the US government. It was only in the past four weeks that anyone other than the DIA knew about the Chinese defector. Before that time, DIA was researching the information given and informing Langley officials with what they had found out without revealing the source.

Dong supposedly gave the DIA copies of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, showing the data the Chinese have about Hunter’s porn problem and about his (and his dad’s) business dealings with Chinese companies. Among a lot more information, which has yet to be fully released.

And more than that, according to sources, Dong said that at least a third of Chinese students at US universities are PLA agents and that many are here under fake names. One reason for the pseudonyms is that many are the children of high-ranking leaders.

Author: Blake Ambrose