Election Officials Find a Bizarre “Error” On Voter Rolls

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger wants to delete 101,789 “outdated and obsolete” voters from the state’s registration rolls, his office has said.

“Ensuring the voter registrations are up to date is vital to ensuring the safety of our state’s elections., Raffensperger said in a comment. “That is why I defeated Stacey Abrams in court to delete almost 300,000 before the Nov. election, and will do it again. There is no good cause to allow ineligible voters to stay on the rolls.”

Over 100,000 voters are set to be deleted including 67,286 connected to a Change of Address form given to the USPS; 34,227 voters with mail returned to sender; and almost 300 who haven’t had any contact with election officials in over two elections.

Raffensperger’s office said the cleanup was “the first large cleaning of the rolls since 2019.”

Raffensperger also deleted 18,486 voter files of deceased people according to the state’s Office of Vital Records.

“These folks don’t live in this state anymore. Then you have 18,000 people who died. So they are not voting. You need to have accurate rolls and good maintenance. It also helps our election directors., Raffensperger said.

Officials say the routine cleanup is called for by law, according to news outlets in the state. Raffensberger’s office also put out a list of all 101,789 citizens and gave them 40 days to act if their name is wrongly on the list.

Earlier this year, Georgia was hit with controversy over Republican’s new election measure that requires stronger identity verification for absentee ballots, legalizes voter drop boxes and lowers the time window for absentee ballots to be asked for, among other changes.

Before this, Raffensperger and President Trump were fighting over Trump’s loss in the state. Now, Trump is supporting a bid by Congressman Jody Hice to remove Raffensperger in next year’s GOP primary.

Author: Steven Sinclaire