Even Obama Is Freaked Out By Biden’s Latest Scheme

Obama’s ethics chief slammed President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, for trading his art for prices going all the way up to half a million dollars to anonymous bidders.

Walter Shaub, the former Ethics director in the Obama administration, said that the lucrative deal had a “grifty and shameful vibe to it.”

“The idea of a president’s son selling art at high prices and keeping Americans from knowing who is funneling money to him has a grifty and shameful feeling to it., Shaub said this Monday.

Shaub also warned about the anonymity of Hunter’s clients allowing “influence-seekers” to send money to the Bidens.

“Just like hotel charges and real estate transactions created the risk of unknown groups funneling money to Trump for possibly unsavory reasons, Hunter’s very inflated art creates a similar thing for influence-seekers wanting to send money to the Bidens., Shaub said.

Shaub stated he believes that Hunter and his art dealer “should reveal the names of the buyers” so Americans can see if they attempt to “get access to the U.S. government.”

He also stressed that “the people should not have to use blind faith that officials will follow the rules” regardless if “any attempt to buy influence will succeed or not.”

“But I also believe it is ridiculous that Hunter is pushing forward with the auction as a first-time painter., Shaub said. “He cannot think anyone will pay him based on his artwork. This seems like a way to cash in on his connection to the oval office.”

“At minimum, Joe should ask Hunter not to carry out his auction., Shaub added.

The president’s son got criticism recently after it was announced that his art dealer would be selling his art for up to $500,000.

Hunter’s artwork is selling for higher prices than art by Jean-Michel Basquiat, whose pieces were bought for $20,900 back in 1984.

Author: Scott Dowdy