Fauci Tries to Repair Image By Visiting ‘The Hood’ –Gets An Unexpected Surprise

Anthony Fauci hasn’t had a great summer. After being practically worshiped by the establishment media for a year, many are turning on the man as damning emails ruined his credibility. Some politicians even want him investigated as evidence emerges that suggests his institute contributed to the pandemic.

And now he’s beginning to learn how Americans have always felt about this prophet of doom.

For some reason, Fauci is determined to get Americans vaccinated. Especially black Americans. I’m not sure why, Fauci was outspoken a year ago that a vaccine couldn’t be made so quickly. Now, he’s practically taking credit for it, all but ordering Americans to get jabbed.

At this point, everyone who wants to be vaccinated can be. Yet Fauci doesn’t think that’s good enough. So, the kind hearted government flunky went door-to-door in the worst part of D.C. for a photo op—I mean—to encourage folks to get the shot. It didn’t really go as planned.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and Democratic District Mayor Muriel Bowser went door-to-door in a Washington, D.C., neighborhood over the weekend encouraging people to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, but not all of the residents were happy to see them…

Tanya Crawford, who said she has no interest in the vaccine, found Bowser’s presence irritating…

“She has no presence,” Crawford shouted as Fauci and the mayor walked by with their entourage. “We never see and hear from her. Now you want to come in the neighborhood, in the hood, and say we gotta get vaccinated?”…

Another District resident named Nate Ward reportedly scoffed at Fauci when he claimed 600,000 Americans died from the virus. [Source: Daily Wire]

It doesn’t seem like the folks in Ward 8—a majority black, low-income neighborhoods—really appreciated the mayor and Fauci showing up. In one instance, they all but ordered an elderly woman to get the shot. After they left, she told her family she would refuse to get vaccinated.

Others showed just how angry they were with their mayor, accusing her of having “no presence.” The people of a city know best just how hand’s on their mayor is. What does it say about Bowser that this woman was shouting at her because they “never see and hear from her”?

Another man said he didn’t believe 600,000 Americans died from COVID. It seems even this man is aware of the discrepancies over COVID death reporting. And that appears to be enough for him to not want to get the shot.

It’s been well-documented how much black Americans are resistant to get medical treatment from the government. It goes back generations. Yet Fauci thinks he can reverse that by going door-to-door, talking down to these residents? Did he think they’d fall on their knees, thanking this man for being kind enough to visit them?

The entire affair appeared insulting. These folks can easier get vaccinated if they want. They don’t need some government figurehead showing up with cameras outside their doors, ordering them to do so.

Especially one who could be responsible for the pandemic in the first place.

Author: Anders Graham